indent_003Master Images Media

Over the past 30 years, Master Images has earned the reputation for being one of the best partners to the professional videographer in the
Chicago area media industry. We professionally digitize from any format (8 or 16mm film, slide, HD,SD or analog videotape, etc.) to your
desired files and send your files anywhere in the world, on hard drives, data sticks, Flash cards, to your FTP site or social network.
If your project calls for it to be delivered in hard copy, we can author, duplicate or replicate CD's, DVD's and Blue Ray disc. If you need to
deal with videotape originated content, shot recently or from your older library, we handle every SD, HD and analog tape format; we offer
broadcast quality standards conversion, videotape duplication including VHS. Vintage videotapes (2", quad, HELICAL, 1", etc.) can be restored
and often even 30-year-old content can be re-purposed for inclusion with recently shot footage. Frequently encountered post production
problems, such as encoding artifacts and quality issues in converting from AVCHD to Pro-Res files or when going from MPEG-2 to digitized
files can be eliminated.

Our staff has decades of film processing, DVD duplication and video editing experience to assist you with. We welcome short turn-around and
overnight work, we are never closed when you have a need and we stand behind our convenient, high quality and competitively priced services.